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Jeopardy Category: Food Labeling

A couple of weeks ago, Jeopardy had a first-round category on “Food Labeling.” I always get excited for categories thatĀ fall within my areas of expertise. The answers are listed below, and the questions (Jeopardy is reversed, remember?) are listed at the end of this post. Get your trivia on!






Bonus: On March 25, the Final Jeopardy category was “Agriculture.” Here’s the answer:








CORRECT RESPONSES (how did you do?):

$200 – What is Organic?

$400 – What is sodium?

$600 – What is the Vitamin B complex?

$800 – What is Free Range?

$1000 – What is a Rabbi? (My Jewish friend was quick to point out that Jeopardy got this one wrong. The answer should be mashgiach. Goes to show you that Jeopardy clues don’t always capture the finer details of their subjects, and it’s acceptable to guess the “obvious” response.)

Final Jeopardy – What are almonds?